Maygars Hill Winery

Strathbogie Ranges Victoria

This 20 acre property was acquired by Jenny Houghton in 1994, for its viticulture potential and as a location for her bed and breakfast cottage. Three acres was hand planted in 1997 into a light sandy loam. It is ideally situated in the Strathbogie Wine Region right on the border with the Goulburn Valley, a short distance from Seymour.

Planting has increased to 6 acres; 2 acres of Cabernet Sauvignon and 4 acres of Shiraz. Strict viticultural policy with pruning, spraying and hand picking has achieved the required low yield per vine. This has consistently produced small berries of intense colour and flavour.

The altitude of 200 metres, combined with the light sandy loam and intensive monitoring, has produced grapes that enable a wine of elegance and complexity to be produced.

You’ll just have to sample Maygars Hill Winery at Tastes of the Goulburn 2018.

Maygars Hill Winery

Tastes of the goulburn

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